19 September 2020


The Alumni 2020 was held on 19th September for the batches 2010 – 2020. Uncle Colin and Correspondent Navamani welcomed the Kingstonians, and expressed their happiness in seeing our students turning into full- fledged men and women, some working, some doing their higher studies. It was nice to see a few students with their family and children. About 200 Kingstonians joined the Alumni Meet. Each batch representatives introduced themselves and a few Kingstonians presented videos with the clippings of their school days, and other activities at School. The old memories were brought back fresh into every individual minds and it was a great pleasure in recollecting the days spent with them. The representatives also informed that they would like to have their Physical batch meet during the last week of December. It was also informed,  that the batches could have more representatives than now to get the work done easily and update the school with their achievements. Simon and Shalom Brainerd gave a song in memory of their friends. Finally, Maxine gave away the vote of thanks.