Home Away From Home

Every endeavour at Kings has been made to ensure boarding at Kings is “home away from home”. Boarding not only provides a homely atmosphere but also opportunities to enhance creativity and learning. Separate dormitories are provided for the junior and the senior boys and girls so they grow up amongst their peers and among the same age group. Boarding facilities are shared by both the schools thus enabling a bond between the students of two schools.

Study Time

Outside regular school hours study times are provided for the boarders to help them in their academics. Teachers are available for each subject thus helping the students in clarifying their doubts whenever necessary.

Why Choose Kings Boarding?

Kings Boarding provides

  • An atmosphere encouraging students to communicate in English and socialise more.
  • Study times in the evening with teachers providing individual care and attention.
  • Opportunities to engage themselves in sports competitions, music and art activities during weekends.
  • Opportunities to engage themselves in fun activities conducted by the children themselves.
  • Opportunities to engage themselves in swimming activities, training and practice with qualified and experiences coaches available full-time for both the genders.
  • Special days like camp fire, cafeteria, field trip, movie day and shopping day are held to make the stay pleasant and lively.
  • A clinic is available with an in-house trained nurse 24/7 in case students require medical attention.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care and attention are given to children through specially trained and experienced matrons and wardens. The matrons with the wardens take care of each and every child with utmost love and care. Counselling is given to students every month to understand and identify the needs of the children.

Health Care

The boarding students’ health is periodically checked by our trained in-house nurse. Immediate medical attention is given to students in case they sustain an injury or fall sick. The boarders will also be given regular counselling on maintaining proper health and hygiene. Visiting doctors are made to visit the campus for general check-ups on boarders’ health.

Contact Details

Head of Boarding   : 822 002 0086
Junior Boys Boarding    : 770 847 6777
In-charge        : 978 793 8833

Senior Boys Boarding   : 770 847 8777
In-charge     : 822 002 0086

Girls Boarding    : 770 853 9777
In-charge     : 978 795 8833

Visiting Time
Regular Boarders    :  Between 10 am to 6 pm on all Sundays & Saturday Holidays
Weekend Boarders :  Between 9 pm to 10 pm on all Wednesdays 

School Office 
Mobile : 82 200 200 82 /  770 847 9777 

For Emergency
Mobile : 965 565 5398