23 November 2022

       “Classroom management is not about having the right rules; it’s about having the right relationships.”

As a part of the teacher’s empowerment programme, Mr.Anantha Sam, Principal of Kings Matric Hr. Sec. School gave a presentation on Classroom management on 23.11.2022 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. Teachers of middle block took part in the programme.

The major objective of the programme was to provide the essence of classroom management which could cause a ripple effect in classroom atmosphere.  The Principal laid stress upon the need of teacher’s professionalism and discipline to acquire the positive attention from students. He suggested several ways such as appearance, humorous attitude, style of expression, rewarding, plethora of information etc., to direct the young minds towards  learning.

He stated the importance of classroom management by quoting many proverbs, examples and his personal experiences. Further, he moved on explaining the factors that affect classroom management. In this session, he primarily emphasized the effective teaching behaviors which could significantly impact every classroom learning. He ended the session with the three loves the teacher must possess like love on learning, learners and connecting both. 

How to build a relationship with students

   Emphatically, on Friday November24, 2022, a staff development programme was organised for the Middle School Teachers  of Matric  campus in the 9th B classroom between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. with a PPT display in style.   The Deputy Principal of Kings Matric School, Dr C MONIKANDAN addressed the teachers on the topic How to build a good relationship with students. In it, he appealed to the teachers to move towards the direction of school motto which is perseverance and integrity and help students think higher, bigger and nobler with virtues and values braking all the challenges and barriers in their journey of education. Students’ priorities and the needed redirection are analyzed at depth.

 He stressed the need of psychological understanding of students beyond books and grades.  Reading books on human mind, behaviour, emotions and feelings teachers can understand the students’ attitudes and approaches and can do wonders and miracles in classrooms .Multiple quotes and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda, Dr APJ Abdul kalam, Albert Einstein, Gandhi and Tagore had been discussed at length. Extraordinary laurels done by ordinary students due to the mentorship of multiples teachers are highlighted. Wholly, the session was thought provoking, captivating, and refreshing, engaging and fascinating with valuables views, suggestions and facts.

 Besides differentiating data, information, knowledge and wisdom, he urged teachers to give top priority to prepare students for the society, nation and world which is the singular goal of education according to Mahatma Gandhi . All the teachers were asked earnestly to make students visualize great achievements and provide them the much-needed confidence, mentoring, direction and build a robust relationship with them forever.