25 February 2023

The much-loved and much-awaited SCIENCE EXPO 23 got off a flying start with active participation of students and teachers. A wide range of exhibits on multiple science topics showcased in the Matric Middle Block on Saturday February 25, 2023 by the students from class 6 to 9 conquered the hearts and minds of parents, teachers and various visitors who visited every classroom and expressed wonder, satisfaction, surprise and compliment as the science expo reflects creativity, imagination, intellectual fertility, curiosity, exploration, scientific investigation and individual brilliance of students. Earlier, the expo was inaugurated by beloved uncle soon after the special assembly where students attiring in their best performed a Carnatic invocation song, a folk dance, a periodic table skit, yogasanas, a sensuous rending of a song on Mother Earth by the school choir and a talk on scientists and their achievements were a spectacle to watch and admire. The decoration of whole middle block including every room and bulletin board was beautiful that demonstrated the spirit, commitment, passion and skill of students and teachers. The ceremonial lamp, flower carpet, photo–point, herbal plants, and fountain and handicraft collection and hundreds of working models charmed the celebration immensely. The collective efforts, smart ideas, sharp knowledge and mutual coordination of teachers were visible and vibrant. In summary, the Science Expo 2023 was turned out to be a boon for all the students of class 6 to 9 to display their hidden abilities, imagination and scientific temper to the world. The principals of both Matric and CBSE schools were present along with their deputies, teachers and students and graced the occasion.