In Kings Kindergarten we follow the Montessori System and therefore every lesson includes an activity. Our team of teachers present classes using a variety of activities, role plays, group discussions, puppetry and dramatics. We encourage students to actively participate and speak out in the class to improve their confidence and develop their spoken language abilities.

Our KG students are introduced initially to phonics and later they learn the alphabet. They all take part in assembly activities which improve their confidence. Each of our student’s specific needs are taken into account and every child is given the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities.

Junior School

Kings Matriculation Junior School comprises of classes I – V.
Junior School pupils are given a balanced timetable of academic studies and extra-curricular activities. As well as their main academic timetable, our juniors are able to join sports practises and teams like dance and swimming and a range of clubs such as stamp collecting, arts, crafts and music.
Kings Matriculation Juniors enjoy carefully selected field trips designed to be both educational and fun. 
The small nature of our Junior School allows us to provide each and every child with individual attention to prepare them to move onto our Middle School.

Middle School

Kings Middle School comprises of classes VI – VIII

Aside from their regular curriculum, they are taught Computer Science, Moral Science and General Knowledge, and also given a choice from a range of activities.

On the completion of a class topic, students are often asked to prepare individual or group projects to demonstrate what they have understood and learned from the lessons. Group discussions are also carried out to exchange ideas and viewpoints.

Once a week we hold a variety of activities for all our pupils, for example yoga and western dance, from which students are allowed to choose one which sparks their interest. Internal and external professionals teach these activities, and they are showcased on our Annual Day. Often, these pupils are given the opportunity to compete in their chosen activity in both internal and external competitions.

Senior School

In Kings Matric Senior School, we prepare students from Standard IX to XII for their Board Examinations which occur in Standard X and XII. Kings Seniors choose which group they will follow out of the Senior Groups available.

Groups Available in Higher Secondary

Group I: Physics, Chemistry,Maths,, Biology
Group II: Physics, Chemistry,Maths, Computer Science
Group III: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Application
Group IV: Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Business Maths

Languages Offered: Tamil & French

Learning Rooms

Learning Rooms are more than traditional class rooms. They are equipped with all the basic necessities. Each classroom has a regular board and a smart board to quench the curiosity of the learners. Also special racks are made available for the students to keep their textbooks, notebooks and other school belongings.






IT Lab

The IT Lab is designed with the updated technologies to meet the modern need of the students in the field of information technology. Individual PCs are available for each student to practice, workout and execute his ideas.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab provides a wide range of facilities and resources. The lab contains the basic salts and acids along with the tools necessary for conducting chemical experiments. The lab meets all the safety requirements and also provides the necessary safety tools for the students while carrying out experiments.

Biology Lab

The Biology is a gallery of models necessary for learning. It has all the models necessary for learning the human and plant anatomy and also tools like microscope to study the microscopic organisms.

Physics Lab

The Physics Lab contains all the lab materials ranging from the tiniest screw gauge to advanced tools like telescopes that would aid in experiential learning.

Language Lab

A special studio has been set up to aid the teachers and students to continue teaching-learning process without any interruptions. The studio has been designed to help the teachers conduct online classes simulating a virtual classroom.


We have around 17000 books in our school library which comprises of English Fiction and Non fiction, reference books, all subjects related books, quiz & puzzle books, phonics  and other kindergarten books, art, craft & other activity books, Tamil Ficton and non fiction and Hindi books. We subscribe for around 25 magazines and journals. Every year around 1000 books gets added to our stock catering to the requirement of our students.