Kings Alumni

Each year Kings Alumni Meet brings the Kingstonians spread across the globe together. It gives them an opportunity to cherish and re-live all the beautiful moments that they had at school. A chance to meet not only their friends but also the teachers who moulded them into what they are today. The Alumni Meet is also held to motivate the Kingstonians to inspire the world through their acts of good deeds like charitable and humanitarian work.

Kignstonians have shared how Kings School has stood out from the rest by identifying the individual talents of the students and providing opportunities to strengthen them.

As our Kingstonians put it, “Kings taught us to walk with pride – a pride without arrogance and let us decide our paths and helped us in the path we chose for us. No teacher has ever demotivated us to pursue our passions. They respected our uniqueness and taught that self-discipline is the key to success.”

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As a 10 year old, when I first stepped into Kings School, I remember being awed at the site of the resort like landscape, exotic flora from around the country, and our very own cute little stream with a tiny bridge above it. I still am. To a 10 year old, it was a privilege to say that she belonged to such a place. Still I look back to the place. However, more than these paradise like scenarios, what truly captures your heart is the attitude of all the teachers and staff towards you. Their warmth and willingness to help you at all times, their ability to draw out your hidden talents the way they instill independence and confidence in you, the way they teach you to respect space, people,feelings and objects of others as well as your own. I am grateful to all the teachers, staff and the management of Kings School for making me who I am today. After completing my MBBS degree, now I am preparing for Medical Postgraduate entrance exams.

Maxine Michelle

“Anxious” was probably how I felt when I first entered Kings back in 2009. Fast forward 10 years and here I am still “anxious” through this time the reason is quite opposite. How do I express the five most wonderful years of my life in just a few sentence? It’s probably not an over statement when I say Kings has a considerable role to play in who am I today. It has aided me in pushing my boundaries and carving a niche for myself in my career as a Charted Accountant. I can say without question that Kings has taught me to enjoy studying. And I am positive that come what may being a Kings Student will always be something I will look back to with pride and joy. Once a Kings Student, Forever a Kingstonian.


Ganesh says that ‘Kings guided me to escape the ordinary and shaped me in a way to face the reality of life. Here I am today, a Cinematographer that’s what I wanted to be.’

Neil Britto

Neil Britto graduated with a Master’s degree with dual specialization in Food & Agri-Business Management and International Business. Today he works in ‘ITC Limited’ as a Procurement Executive Bangalore at Banglore.

Simon Peter

Simon Peter did his audio engineering course in Chennai and now has a registered music institute with more than 150 students at Vallioor and three branches at Chettikulam, Kalakkad and Parappadi. In addition, he has upgraded his centre to conduct the internationally renowned ABRSM exams since October 2018